Renting Used College Textbooks
Does Your School Make It Easy?

Does your college or university make renting used college textbooks easy? If not, you should find out why.

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In 2008, the Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) was passed as an amendment to the 1965 Higher Education Act (HEA).

One of the provisions in the HEOA was designed to make it easier for students to get access to textbook information which would allow them a better chance to take advantage of more affordable ways to get books like renting used college textbooks.

This provision went into effect on July 1, 2010. Here is what your college or university is required to do to help you get the textbook information you need to better plan more affordable alternatives to buying new books…

For all course material and schedules published on the internet, the college is required to…

    Used College Textbooks1. Publish the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and the retail price of the book.
    Used College Books2. If the ISBN number is not available, they’re required to publish the title, author, publisher and copyright date of the book.
    Cheap College Textbooks3. If they’re not able to give you this information, they need to use the classification, “To Be Determined.”
    Used College Textbooks4. On all written course schedules, they’re required to make reference to the book information being available on the internet and include the web address where this information can be found.

This was all enacted for “you” the student, to make it easier to go out and rent cheap college books which will save you hundreds of dollars per year.


You as a student should be able to go to the school website and look at the upcoming course schedule. There you should be able to get all the information you’ll need to use to rent used college textbooks from a reputable rental company like Chegg, which is the only one my kids and I will use. And we’ve tried many other companies.

By having access to this information early, it allows you the time to plan and shop for the best and most affordable options to renting used college textbooks.

Does Your College or University make this textbook information easy for you to get to?

If not, find out why!

If your school accepts Government Financial Assistance, they’re required to enact this provision and make this textbook information readily available to you.

A great easy to use tip that could help you save money as well is to convert college textbooks to a digital format. A little creativity can go a long way in saving your limited college cash.

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