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Student Scholarships

How early should I start planning for student scholarships?

Student ScholarshipsWhat steps should I take to help me plan and get the best results?

What can I really do as a parent to help my child get the most scholarship money for college?

We’ll help you answer these important questions and so many more.

Searching scholarships and planning for ways on how to pay for college shouldn't begin during the junior or senior years of high school. This will only decrease the potential you have for winning the college scholarships that you’ll need to pay for college expenses.

Start Early...But It's Never Too Late

First, how early is early enough to start looking for scholarship money for college? I recommend you start as early as freshmen year in high school. I also recommend you start your SAT & ACT test preparation as early as this as well.

Here are some important steps to take when starting your planning early.

It’s never too early to start but it’s also never too late. As long as you’re faced with the problem of how to pay for college then you’ll always have the need to continue looking for college scholarships and grants.

Early planning helps you do two things…

It allows you to find as many scholarships and grants as possible with plenty of time to collect and filter through them. It’s a numbers game and you’re not going to win every scholarship you apply for and you’re not going to apply for all the student scholarships that you find.Student Scholarships

We’ll talk more about this during the scholarship search phase.

But if you follow our process, we’ll show you the most effective way to plan and search for student scholarships without wasting a great deal of your time applying for scholarships that don’t apply to your particular situation.

Whether it'need-based-scholarships.html">need based scholarship or an academic excellence type scholarship, you'll need to know which is the right fit for you.

The other important thing is that it gives you time to review all the scholarships for college students that you collected and see what kind of information they’re asking for on the college scholarship applications.

Applications Are the Best Tool for Planning

Unfortunately, this is a great strategy that no one in the guidance offices are recommending to students as a planing guide.

Collecting a few scholarship and college admission application during your freshmen year will help you see what these colleges and scholarship commitees are looking for in their applicants. Learn more...

This information is extremely valuable because it allows you to plan your way through high school in a way where you will be able to accomplish many of the things the organizations are looking for in students when they apply. This will help you to be a more competitive candidate during your search for scholarship money for college.

Early planning to find college scholarships also involves building high school teacher relationships. These relationships will help you to maximize the potential scholarship money for college that you can win.

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