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Smart School Money
Smart Students Making Better Choices

School money is being talked about everywhere you go. It’s on the minds of teens and parents alike and it’s causing a great deal of stress and anxiety.

I’m not talking just about scholarships, grants or loans but of financial aid, school budgets, college tuition increases and our enormous Dept. of Education Budget.

Budget Increases of the U.S. Dept. of Education

    1980 - $10.8 Billion
    1990 - $17.8 Billion
    2000 - $32.6 Billion
    2010 - $192.2 Billion
    2012 - $201.9 Billion

Average Cost Increases of College Tuition, Room & Board

Public College or University

    1980 - $6,302
    1990 - $8,403
    2000 - $10,609
    2010 - $14,870

Private College or University

    1980 - $13,861
    1990 - $21,218
    2000 - $26,795
    2010 - $32,475

These figures don’t indicate that there is going to be relief any time soon to the problems of ever increasing costs of tuition and out of control government budgets that enable students to accept burdening amounts of student loans for which most will not be able to pay back in a reasonable amount of time.

Although this is not very encouraging news for the college bound student and their parents looking for school money, but this information can be used to motivate you to be a smart student shopper.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll need to work two jobs just to be able to make payments on a mountain of college debt after you graduate. This is not the purpose of a college education and it’s no “American Dream”.


It may not always seem like you have a lot of options, but you have more choices than you think.

Take the time to do your homework and you’ll quickly learn you have many college options to find school money that will not only help you finance your tuition but also give you the opportunity to fit yourself into a program that best suits you.

My College Options!

Do The Research…Make The Right Choices!

Before you say no to any potential options…Do these things!

    1) Take every opportunity seriously…any one could be right for you!
    2) Write down on a piece of paper all the positives of a particular option.
    3) Write down all the negatives of each potential option.
    4) Use all the this research to help you make the best option that will help you get the college education you want while helping you find the school money you’ll need and avoid college debt.


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