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Over 2 Million Scholarships for
High School Students Available

The Secret that's not so Secret

So now you know that there are over two million scholarships for high school students across the country. These college scholarships represent over $12 Billion in financial aid help to pay for college.

Winning ideas and strategies that'how-to-pay-for-college.html">how to pay for college with college scholarships and grants.

Broken down by state that means there are over 40,000 scholarships available per state with $240 million in financial aid per state.

It’s obviously not spread out evenly across all states, but it gives you an idea at just how much college scholarship money there is available to collegebound students.

Have you considered an ROTC scholarship?

This is free money that doesn’t have to be paid back. Then the question becomes, what are you doing to get a piece of this financial aid money?

Here's The Real Secret!

There is no secret!

College ScholarshipsNow that you know about all this free school money, you’re probably asking, how do I get myself some of this college cash that I don't have to pay back?

It would seem the easy answer is finding as many as you can and you’re bound to win a few. While winning scholarships for high school students can be very rewarding when the award letters start to arrive and the cash for college starts to collect but the proper planning and execution of filling out college scholarship applications does take some work.

Even before you fill in that first college scholarship application, there is a great deal of leg work and planning that gets you to that point.

It’s one thing to have hundreds of college scholarship applications ready to fill out but it’s another thing entirely to plan and organize your strategy to actually win as many as possible. This is where we can help you maximize your efforts toward winning.

Important Steps to Finding Free College Money

    1) Find and qualify as many college scholarships as you can during your time in high school starting with your freshmen year.
    2) Start planning early and organizing effectively to maximize your efforts into winning as many scholarship awards as possible.

So before you start collecting all those college scholarship applications, be sure you…

These two steps will help you to be ready when it’s time to start on that first college scholarship application.

PARENTS: If you’re the parents of young students, be sure to bookmark our website.

By having this planning tool at your fingertips you’ll be able to get an early jump on the scholarship search that could save you and your child thousands of dollars toward college. If you’re here reading this than you’re already way ahead of the curve.

Read through our site and understand the things you can do as a parent to really prepare your students to maximize their ability to be awarded up to tens of thousands of dollars in free scholarship money.

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