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Winning Early Scholarships
for High School Juniors

Scholarships for high school juniors are some of the first free money awards given to high school students.

These can turn out to be some real early and rewarding successes for many students who've taken their high school work seriously.

These juniors have the potential to see some great financial rewards while their still in high school and haven't even yet fully kicked off their scholarship search into high gear.

High School Juniors Making Smart Choices

Just imagine you're a high school junior...

scholarships for high school juniors You haven't written any college essays or filed any applications and your're already getting recognized by universities and receiving scholarships to attend some of them.

This happens to high school juniors every year. While some juniors choose to make high school a popularity contest, other smart juniors make it a stepping stone toward their college career.

These scholarships require no essays and they don’t even have an application to complete. There are not many that are handed out each year but student can be awarded one of these as a result of dedication to their high school work and early planning.

Why Juniors Receive These Awards

Each year schools from across the country contact the guidance office of high schools looking for particular students. Based on the recommendations of teachers and other staff, the guidance office will submit names of students to these schools based on the criteria they establish.

Once the schools collect the names of juniors they need from each high school, they’ll select students from this list to receive scholarships and awards to attend that particular school.

scholarships for high school juniors The universities will then notify the high schools of their selections. Then typically through an annual awards ceremony, the high school on behalf of the college will present the chosen high school juniors with their awards.

These scholarships for high school juniors are a great boost to your search for free money for school but should not be used as a gauge to your ability to succeed at finding even morescholarships and grants. Winning is what we’re here to help you with.

High school juniors can make the choice to attend that school to receive their award or move on to another school of their choice.

These awards are usually given based on…

      [ Academic achievement in the classroom
      [ SAT & ACT scores
      [ Involvement in extracurricular activities in and out of school
      [ Particular interests and hobbies

This is a way for universities to recruit high school juniors early and hopefully encourage them to attend their particular school. These are a very small fraction of the actual scholarships available to all students.

These grants and scholarships for high school juniors can only be used at the universities that grants the award. You forfeit the award if you choose to go to a different school.

These scholarships for high school juniors are not ones that you search for, these are the scholarships and grants that search for you.

Here are some exclusive tips on how you can increase your chances of being awarded one of these few scholarships and grants.

Tips on Winning Scholarships for High School Juniors

    1) Stay focused in the classroom and always put your best foot forward and offer up your best work. There is no better path to success than hard work. Understand that all the decisions you make from your first day as a high school freshmen will lend themselves to your ability to succeed at getting into the university of your choice and obtain the most free money you can possibly accumulate. This can mean little to no student loans.

    2) Fill your extra time with extracurricular activities from both inside and outside of school. This can include getting involved in clubs, sports and volunteer work. These are all great things that you can use to fill up a “brag book”. A “brag book” full of stuff is just what you’ll need when filling out those applications.

    3) Visit Collegeboard and your guidance office and prepare for the SAT and ACT tests. Take the time to understand all the resources that you have available to you for early SAT & ACT test preparation. The benefits will come in better tests results.

    4) If you have a constructive hobby, make it your passion and work to be the best at it. You can even use your time to help others that have the same type of hobby. These types of things that you accomplish make great stories for scholarships that you’re trying to win or universities that you’re trying to get accepted to.

Keeping focused and working hard starting early in your high school career will help increase your chances of getting your name recommended by teachers to universities when your junior year rolls around.

You can do this by understanding your winning options, start your planning early and follow our methods and tips for a more successful search that will help lead you to more free aid for school. Then you’ll need to rely less on student loans.

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