Do's & Don'ts of Scholarships For College Students

Scholarships for college students are the best option when trying to figure out how to pay for college.

With millions of college scholarship opportunities available that represents billions of dollars in scholarships and grants. It may take some hard work and time but after all we’re talking about raising possibly tens of thousands of dollars over four years of college to offset the need for what has become crippling student loans.

Don’t let yourself become a student loan statistic. Student loans don’t go away and they can become burdensome if they’re allowed to accumulate. There’s a better way.

The following do’s and don’ts are a great set of simple rules to guide you to a better way to plan and search for scholarships. Keep them handy and let them steer you down the right path.


    College Scholarships College ScholarshipsDo start your scholarship planning early. The more time you have to plan and find scholarships the better off you’ll be.

    College ScholarshipsDo everything you need to understand your scholarship options and the benefits it can provide you financially in the long run.

    College ScholarshipsDo put together a plan for what you’re going to need in the way of free scholarship money to help pay the cost of college. Plan your work and work your plan.

    College ScholarshipsKnow how to identify scholarship scams. Avoiding them can save you time, aggravation and possibly your personal identity.

    College ScholarshipsMake your high school years count and take advantage of all those things your passionate about. Get involved and fill your “Brag Book” with all kinds of great stuff to put on your scholarship and grant applications.

    College ScholarshipsPARENTS: Support, encourage and motivate your kids in this important time of their lives. Scholarship planning and searching takes work but the rewards are great and you’re just the one to help get them over the finish line. Remember, their financial rewards are yours as well.

    College ScholarshipsDevelop good high school relationships with your guidance office staff and your teachers because you’ll need their help and support during your junior and senior years.


    College ScholarshipsDon’t rely on a few large competitive scholarships to find enough money to pay for college. It’s a numbers game and some of your best opportunities will be in small local scholarships.

    College ScholarshipDon’t miss a single deadline and use a planner to keep track of all of them.

    College ScholarshipsDon’t forget to file the most important scholarship application which is the FAFSA. This application alone will unlock thousands of dollars of scholarship money that doesn’t need to be paid back. Remember…it needs to be filled out each year you plan to attend college.

    College ScholarshipsDon’t forget to pay close attention to the details of each application. Mistakes can be costly in both time and money. There are no redo’s when submitting a poor college scholarship application.

    College ScholarshipsDon’t forget to visit the financial aid section of the website for the colleges that you plan to attend. Some will have additional instructions and forms to fill out for available scholarship money. Forgetting to do this could cost you thousands in scholarship money.

    College ScholarshipsDon’t ever assume that scholarships for college students are only for smart kids. There are college scholarship opportunities for every kind of student if you’re willing to put the time and effort in getting it done.

The choice is yours…you can put in the time and effort to plan and search for the college scholarships you’ll need to pay for the cost of college or you can put in twice and possibly three times the time, effort and frustration in having to pay back all those student loans years after you’ve graduated.

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