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Application Strategies

Finally, it’s time to apply for college scholarships and grants. This is where the rubber hits the road, in a manner of speaking.

Any scholarship or college admission application can be a great road map to developing a winning strategy.

Imagine going to a college or even a job interview and having all the questions available to you before the interview. This is what an application can offer.

It's an insight into what schools and scholarships are looking for in a candidate.

This is where you take everything you’ve learned in…

…and apply it to the college scholarship applications that you’ve collected and qualified as opportunities that fit your profile, needs and specific talents.

Important Note: Always remember that the goal here is to maximize the amount of free scholarship money you receive and minimize the amount of student loan money that you’ll need. So think of each scholarship as potential money in your pocket.


Scholarships and GrantsFIRST...You’ve put together a portfolio of all your accomplishments throughout your high school career both in and out of school.

SECOND...You have your portfolio of college scholarship applications that are applicable to your circumstances and prioritized each one in order of importance.

THIRD...Be sure that social media doesn'grants-and-scholarships.html">successful at winning college grants and scholarships .

Now let’s get started…



Start by recording and keeping track of all college scholarship application deadlines that apply. Enter them all into your planner or electronic calendar such as Microsoft Outlook.

If you don’t use a planner or any application that tracks your appointments…It’s time to start!

Google offers a great calendar that’s free and it allows you to synch your appointments with your android (smart phone). Now how cool is that!

Not missing any deadlines is important for meeting your financial aid requirements.

Follow this “golden rule” for deadlines…

Early is on time, on time is late and late is unacceptable!


College scholarship applications will give you the exact details that you need to follow during the application and submission process. Such as…

FOLLOW these instructions precisely and exactly as they request…Nothing more or nothing less.

Only if it clearly states it on the application for scholarships and grants that you may submit extra information, keep it precisely as the scholarship or grant requires. If the scholarship judges want more to read, they’ll ask for it.

Resist the urge to submit a third super spectacular letter of recommendation from that amazingly awesome teacher who loves you as a student when the application only asks for two. It will not help you!


If you think that your essay writing could use some work, look to the many available resources online or through your guidance office for help.

Always remember to proof read your essays and have someone else proof read them as well. Taking the time to improve your writing skills could mean the difference between a good scholarship essay and a bad one. Which could ultimately be the difference in winning lots of scholarship money.

FOLLOWING these rules will get your applications for college scholarships and grants beyond the front door and to the judges for further review.

apply for college scholarshipsFirst, the committees and judges for these scholarships and grants want to see if you’re capable of meeting deadlines. Secondly, they want to see if you’re also capable of following simple instructions.

After all, missing one of the rules could potentially mean the loss of a couple thousand dollars in free scholarship money.

So take all your college scholarship applications seriously and work hard to put your best foot forward.

Go to understanding scholarships and grants if you want to learn more about your options.

It’s time to start applying! Are you ready?

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