Know How To Avoid
Scholarship Scams

There is no shortage of scholarship scams and con artists who want to steal your money and your identity.

It’s very important that you read through this entire page, because knowing how to identify a possible scam can save you money, lots of time and most importantly your identity.

Never take the “It’ll never happen to me” approach when it comes to your college scholarship search.

Scholarship scams come in many forms and it’s extremely important that you be on the look out for any these.

College ScholarshipsIt’s extremely rare that any scholarships go unclaimed. There is such a great need for financial assistance to help pay for college that unclaimed scholarships just never happen.

In the event that it should happen, the funds would typically go to the next most qualified applicant or they would simply rollover into the next year. These decisions are left entirely up to the governing body of the scholarship programs and the foundations that offer them.

These contests are something that do require due diligence because they could be scholarship scams or they could be legitimate. They’re most often used to attract your attention to get you to go to a website or sign up for some service that costs you money or wants personal information.

There are legitimate well known organizations that offer good scholarship and grant contests and these are the ones your better off sticking with. Learn more about scholarship contests…

No reputable scholarship organization will ever ask you for money to submit a college scholarship application nor will they ever ask you to pay to receive your guaranteed scholarship money.

If any scholarship organization ever offers you a scholarship guarantee, just walk away because it’s likely a scam. The truth is no one can guarantee that you’re going to win any money.

Be sure to never participate in any claim that offers to reserve your scholarship with a credit card number. These con artists can be really good at making it tempting to participate…DON’T!

All legitimate college scholarships and grants are free to apply and are free to receive their awards.

Beware of any email solicitations or letters by mail or fax that you may receive claiming an award for a scholarship you never applied for…these are scholarship scams.

Your time is much too valuable searching for legitimate scholarship opportunities that you need not waste your time with these types of scams.

There are many really good seminars to take advantage of that will help you learn your options for financing the cost of college. For every reputable seminar there are almost as many that will try to get you to purchase services that you could otherwise get for free from another source.

The internet is your most valuable resource for finding literally millions of reputable scholarships that will help you cover the cost of college.

If you’ve made it to this site and have read this entire page, you’ve fully equipped yourself with knowledge that’ll help you conduct a more efficient and productive scholarship search.

Whenever in doubt, follow your own instincts and listen to that little voice in your head. It can save you a great deal of time, aggravation and unnecessary heart ache of having to undo the damage that a scam can cause you.

Always remember this one important rule of scholarships and grants:

Scholarships and grants are designed to put money into the pockets of college students not take it out.

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