Secrets for Winning More
Scholarship Money for College

If you combine early planning along with these secrets to winning scholarship money for college you can increase your chances of being awarded more college scholarships.

If you’re a parent or collegebound high school student who’s serious about competing for scholarship money, than learn these secrets, make note of each one and then bookmark this page and use it as a checklist and keep coming back to it.

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I call them secrets but in reality it’s a checklist that every guidance counselor should cover with incoming high school freshmen who are serious about attending college and finding scholarship money for college to help reduce the amount of student loans needed.

Unfortunately this is not happening enough with collegebound students and this is where we can help!

I recommend you start a journal “brag book” from the time you start high school which will hold all of your activities, accomplishments, volunteer hours etc… Include a folder that will hold all certificates, letters of accomplishment and more. This is all info you’ll have easy access to when it comes time to start applying for scholarship money for college. You’ll save yourself hours of headaches trying to remember everything you’ve accomplished over the past 3-4 years.


College ScholarshipsOrganizations that offer college scholarships are beginning to ask more and more from the applicants how much of their time during their high school years did they do volunteer work. The push for volunteerism is getting big and growing and they like to see students who give their time and effort for someone else without getting paid.

There are dozens of opportunities to volunteer within your community such as shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, youth programs and even within your own school.

Don’t forget your journal and record all of your volunteer hours during the school year and summer breaks and record the organizations that you volunteered for and keep this journal going throughout your high school years until you start applying for scholarships.

This journal will also come in handy when applying for the colleges of your choice because many of them will be asking the same thing.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start volunteering and not only will you be helping someone in the process but it’ll make you feel better about yourself and your capabilities.


Many applications for college grants and scholarships ask if you’ve ever held a leadership position while in high school.

A leadership position could be anything from a project leader, team leader, an officer in a club to being a captain on a sports team. It could even be a leadership position that you held outside of school while performing volunteer work or even a part time job.

It’s a good idea to achieve at least any one of these during high school and the more the better. Be sure to record all of these achievements in your journal so the information will be ready for you when it comes time to use it.


These organizations offering scholarships also want to know that you did more than just go to school to attend class and then go home. Find any activity, club or sport that helps you enjoy what you like to do and also offers you a chance to make a difference through your own contribution and get involved.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just find what you like and get involved. You’ll be surprised at what changes come about through your contribution and you’ll develop some really good stuff to put in your journal “brag book” to be used later on your applications.


There are some scholarship applications that will ask you to provide your SAT or ACT scores.

DON’T PANIC! It’s rather uncommon to see this question on a college scholarship application but you’ll find it on some.

Getting great SAT or ACT scores won’t necessarily get you more scholarship money for college but it’ll certainly help you get into the college of your choice.

It’s my opinion that SAT test preparation and ACT test preparation occurs to late into collegebound high school student’s careers. I find that too many students are in panic mode when they finally come to realize how important the SAT and ACT tests are with little time to improve their scores.

Go to CollegeBoard Roadmap to create an account and get all the info you’ll need for preparing and taking these standardized tests and planning for college.

I recommend that you start the SAT test preparation and ACT test preparation early especially for those students who are serious about raising their scores and attending competitive colleges. Take the SAT or ACT at least once before your junior year and even as early as your freshmen year.

Get started as early as you can on your journal because the more you have in it the better equipped you’ll be with information to apply for scholarship money for college.


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