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Scholarship For College
Finding Even More Opportunities

When looking for a scholarship for college, we often think of the more traditional national or local scholarship and grant opportunities that we search for through different organizations, clubs, civic groups and corporations.

We don’t often find ourselves looking for a scholarship for college directly through the college or university that we’re interested in attending, but in fact, there are many offered from the school you plan to attend.

How Do I Find These College Specific Scholarships and Grants?

College Scholarships PlusFirst, only students who plan to attend the college or university can take advantage of the scholarship opportunities that the school offers.

Secondly, it’s not always a matter of finding these opportunities because in most cases the opportunities will find you.

Some schools may offer only a dozen or so scholarships to their incoming or returning students while others offer as many as a hundred or more separate opportunities that will help pay for college.

How Do I Learn About These Specific Opportunities?

There are a few ways you’ll want to use to get more information on this type of scholarship for college.

    1) Call the financial aid office of the college or university that you plan to attend or will be attending and ask them what individual scholarship opportunities they have available to incoming freshmen.
    2) When you do your “College Tour” visiting the schools you’re most interested in attending, ask the question during the info session.
    3) Visit the financial aid section of the college’s website. This is a great place to look and also bookmark because it’ll not only list scholarship opportunities but also give you some very valuable info about additional requirements when it comes applying for financial aid. You’ll find all the documents you’ll need along with deadlines.

How Do I Apply For These School Scholarships?

Obviously, the most important question you need to ask.

This is a great question to put on your list of questions that you need to ask when you do your “College Tour”.

In many cases, when you apply for admission to a particular college your automatically applying for the scholarship for college that the school is offering. But this is not always the case.

In some cases, you need to apply separately for these scholarships. That’s why it’s an important question to ask before you begin applying.

Any missed scholarship application opportunities could mean the loss of $1,000 or more in free scholarship money for college. So go ahead and ask the questions…

See if you qualify for any of these wacky scholarships.

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