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So, writing a scholarship essay is something you like to do? You’re even pretty good at it?

Well, you’re actually one of the few. In fact, many students avoid applying for scholarships all together for the simple reason of not wanting to write a simple essay. It’s unfortunate that these students let an essay get between them and thousands of dollars in free college tuition money…but it happens!

I happen to be one of those people who never liked writing essays. Then I became a parent who worked everyday to keep my son encouraged to want to write his own essays for all the scholarships he applied for.

Today, he’ll tell you that he doesn’t regret it!

One of today’s misconceptions of college scholarships is that most people think the opportunities are only available to high school seniors, when in fact; there are opportunities for grade school students all the way up to graduate students.

So one of the first steps to winning college scholarship and grant money is removing that misconception and knowing that there are many ways available to get free college tuition money no matter where you are in your educational career.

Here’s a scholarship essay list that'll help you take off in the right direction.



    "Atlas Shrugged" Essay Contest
    "The Fountainhead" Essay Contest
    "We The Living" Essay Contest


    "Atlas Shrugged" Essay Contest


    "Atlas Shrugged" Essay Contest

If you feel that writing a college scholarship essay is just too difficult and you don’t have a great deal of confidence in your writing abilities…don’t just give up!

There are many resources available to help students sharpen their essay writing skills. The reason for this is there are many students who struggle with essays and it shouldn’t stand in the way of your chance at winning thousands in scholarship dollars.

Start with your guidance office, meet with teachers who are willing to take some time to help you and even research opportunities on line. Places like Collegeboard offer resources on the most effective way to write a scholarship essay.

So get out there and sharpen those skills so you can help eliminate some of that college debt.

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