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Standardized testing, SAT scores, and applying for college admission are only the beginning of expenses when it comes to furthering your education beyond high school.

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Although SAT expenses are minimal compared to school tuition with room and board, they can still add up quickly and become a burden on families struggling to figure how to pay for a child’s higher education.

Many of these SAT expenses can be avoided or minimized with a little thought and preplanning.

Sending SAT Scores for Free

SAT Scores You have two options when it comes to sending your best SAT scores to the colleges or universities that you hope to attend.

You can pay for Collegeboard to deliver your scores or you can have them deliver your scores to four different schools for free.

Each time you register for a Collegeboard exam they give you the opportunity to have your scores sent to four schools at no charge and will charge you a fee for any additional schools added beyond four.

They’ll give you one more opportunity to sign up to have your scores sent at no charge when you get your SAT scores back. If you don’t take advantage of these two opportunities, they will later charge you a fee for sending your scores when it comes time to apply for admission.

Will You Take the SAT Test Again?

Maybe you’re not happy with your SAT test scores and you know that you’ll sign up and take the test again. Then there is no need to have scores sent because you’ll have another opportunity to send them without a charge next time you register for an SAT test.

SAT Scores Important to remember…Collegeboard will deliver only the best test scores that you choose to have sent at the time you choose to send them.

Perhaps you’re happy with your test scores but you’re not sure what schools you want to allow to see your scores. No worries…If you know that you need to take an SAT Subject test than you’ll have an opportunity again to have your scores sent at no charge when you register for that sat subject test.

A little thought and preplanning can go a long way in helping you keep your cash in your pocket.

Better Planning Saves You Cash!

So many of us like to procrastinate…when it comes to sending SAT test scores at the last minute, it could cost you a hefty fee. Collegeboard likes procrastinators, so don’t be one.

You’ll get charged a hefty fee to send your test scores in a rush order because you waited until the last minute to learn there was a deadline to sending your scores.

This happens often to students who apply for early action or early decision. Don’t let it happen to you.

Fee Waiver Eligibility

Check with your school to see if you’re eligible to have any of your fees waived. This could help you save some money but don’t expect to have fees waived if you’re being charged late fees for waiting until the last minute.

All Collegeboard SAT tests and registration fees are non-refundable.

So if you want to plan better and keep your hard earned cash in your pocket, it might help to know what all the fees are for registering for services and sending SAT scores.

How much do your SAT scores matter?
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