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3 Early Steps to Planning
for College Scholarships

As you begin your planning for college scholarships and you carefully read through this scholarship guide, you’ll quickly see how easy it will be to collect literally hundreds of scholarships and grants.


To make your planning as effective and rewarding as possible, begin by carefully following these first three steps.

These first important steps will help you to keep your efforts organized and keep all the information that you collect together in one place. This’ll be especially important if you begin your planning efforts well in advance of the time you begin applying for scholarships.

Never forget that all the work your doing during your scholarship planning and searching is to put significant money in your pocket to pay college expenses. Follow this guide and your efforts will be rewarded.

Planning For CollegeSTEP 1: Create a Manual College Scholarship Portfolio

Take a new accordion style file folder and write on it “College Scholarship Planning”. I like the accordion style folders because it’s only open on one end and prevents papers from falling out too easily while searching for scholarships and planning for college.

This is where you’re going to collect all the article clippings that you find which will have to do with scholarships and grants. During the scholarship search portion of this guide we’ll show you how to fill this folder with dozens and if time permits, literally hundreds of college scholarship opportunities.

Do you know what hundreds of college scholarship opportunities means to you in the way of money in your pocket to pay for college expenses? Lots…

STEP 2: Create a Manual High School Accomplishments Portfolio “Brag Book”

I recommend you use an accordion style file folder for this step as well and mark it High School Accomplishments. In this folder, you’re going to collect all awards, mentions, recognition and achievements throughout your high school career. Planning For College

This will be an important folder for you when it comes time to draw upon all you’ve done in and out of school…And I want to emphasize both in and out of school.

The things you want to include are participation in clubs, a record of all your volunteer hours for any volunteering that you’ve participated in. (Keep track of your volunteer hours.) Any leadership roles that you took part in whether it was for school or outside of school.

As you’re planning for college, if you always keep in mind that this is a “Brag Book” this will help you to find and collect more valuable information about yourself to use later during the scholarship application phase.

The other positive is…This info will be valuable to you as well when you’re filling out college applications.

STEP 3: Create an Electronic College Scholarship Portfolio

While planning for college there’s no doubt that you’ll come across many college scholarship opportunities. What you do with these opportunities will determine how successful you are in the process.

During your search you’ll find many opportunities for scholarships and grants while you‘re browsing the internet. So in your “Favorites Folder” create a folder called “College Scholarship Planning”. This is the folder where you’ll save the web address of every scholarship opportunity you come across during your internet browsing.

Add our site to your Favorites

Remember, whenever you back up the information on your computer to always back up your “Favorites Folder” so you never loose any of your scholarship planning work…or should I say potential scholarship money.

Understanding & Planning for College Scholarships


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