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Which Need Based Scholarships
Are Right For You?

Need based scholarships are a fantastic way of helping you pay for the ever rising cost of college.

In today’s world, relying solely on student loans for higher education just isn’t practical. We’re beginning to see the crippling affects of large student loans on graduates who face insurmountable loans with little prospect of getting them paid off in a reasonable amount of time.

Today’s students have to be smarter and wiser about their options not only to finance their education, but also in choosing the school they plan to attend.

THE GOOD NEWS IS…there are scholarships for just about every type of collegebound student. The important thing is knowing which one’s are right for you.

As you search for free money opportunities, you're going to find that many will be need based scholarships.

THE OTHER GOOD NEWS IS…many organizations and foundations are recognizing the need for need based financial aid and this is creating an increase in these need based grants and scholarships.


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    Need Based / Academic Excellence Scholarships & Grants
    Academic Excellence Scholarships & Grants


need based scholarshipsYes, there was a time when most scholarships were awarded to students who excelled either in the classroom or on the field. This has changed drastically in the past decade with the increased need for financial assistance for collegebound students.

There are still scholarships and grants that are awarded to those students who have achieved academic excellence and are based solely on academics.


These scholarships are awarded based on both consideration to need and academic achievement in the classroom. It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be the smartest kid in the classroom to be considered for academic achievement scholarships.

There are many things that they look at in a student in determining your achievements in the classroom, so don’t be too quick to rule these out of the equation.


These awards are obviously determined based solely on financial need. There are literally millions of scholarship opportunities and grants available and a large percentage of them are need based.

These types of scholarships will continue to grow as college costs continue to rise along with the increasing need for financial aid.

If you’re following our college scholarship guide and you’ve finished your scholarship search and you’ve accumulated literally hundreds of scholarship opportunities that you need to screen, it’s important that you successfully identify your scholarship types based on your needs and qualifications.

You don’t want to waste your time applying for scholarships and grants that don’t apply to your particular situation.

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