How To Find The Most
Money For College

Finding money for college will likely be the most challenging and frustrating part of preparing to go to college. We can help make it less stressful.

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The stress created for both parents and students when the time comes to answer those difficult questions like how to pay for college can make the whole experience very unpleasant. This stress can lead to making quick college decisions that can deflate a college dream in minutes.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Every student with the heart to want to go to college and the parents with the dream to send their children to college should have the opportunity to do so without having to mortgage away a lifetime of debt.

With well over 2 million scholarships available across the country representing over $15 billion in scholarship and grant aid, all students based on merit and/or financial need should be able to find the scholarship money for college they need without incurring severe debt.

Our college scholarships guide is meant to help you to replace the stress of wondering how to pay for college with the excitement of receiving scholarship rewards from all your work of planning, searching and applying for scholarships.

Learn how to save time and cut your college costs.


    College ScholarshipsUnderstanding College Scholarships and Grants – Here you’ll learn and understand the truth about scholarships, what your options are and how they can help you cover the cost of college.
    College ScholarshipsPlanning Your Scholarship Search – This step will guide you through proven methods for planning your search and collecting important information you’ll need to take the final step of applying.
    College ScholarshipsSearching For Scholarships – This step will show you where all the hidden gems are and what scholarships you want to be on the lookout for and how to find the ones they don’t tell you about.
    College ScholarshipsApplying For Scholarships – This step will take you through some of the very important things to know about the college scholarship application process.

To better understand how to pay for college, you’ll need to understand the basic components of all the financial aid that you’ll be eligible to receive both in the form of financial aid you’ll receive from the college you apply for and your own work of searching for individual scholarships and grants.


Scholarships and grants are the best part of the financial aid; it’s the part that consists of free money that you’ll not be required to pay back.

This free money for college will come from two separate sources, one from the financial aid packages you’ll receive from the colleges that you apply to for aid and the other from the independent sources that you’ll find from your scholarship search efforts. This is the part of your financial aid package that we can help you maximize.

Federal Student Loans for College

These student loans for college are backed by the federal government and you’ll typically find these to be awarded as part of your financial aid package applied for with the colleges you chose.

They’ll have the most favorable terms in regards to pay back terms, interest rates and cancellation or forgiveness clauses. They will typically have fixed interest rates attached to them. This is the part of your financial aid package you want to minimize and we’ll help you with that.

Saving for college is no easy task, but paying off mounds of student loans can be even tougher.

Private College Loans

These private college loans are backed by private corporations and will typically offer students the least favorable terms of any student loans available. These loans are generally used to fill in the cost of college gaps when you’ve maximized all other options.

We’ll show you how to minimize or avoid these types of loans by maximizing the scholarships and grants that you receive.

Getting free money for college is great but when it comes to any loan that you apply for…always read the fine print and understand the terms completely and how they affect you before you sign your name on the dotted line.

Explore these alternative ideas to pay for college including the popular community college option.

Search here for community college scholarships.

There's obviously more to college than paying the tuition. For a good resource on college tips and tricks, visit College Student Necessities.

Renting cheap college books is a good strategy to help pay for college.
Start building a winning scholarship strategy.

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