Local Scholarships
are a Great Strategy

Local scholarships are some of the best scholarships to go after...and we'll show you why!

First, when I refer to these types of scholarships, I mean any that are available within your local community, county and even state.

Some may be difficult to find, but if you know how to look and where to look, they can become some of the most lucrative opportunities that you’ll come across.

Another part of your winning strategy is to never forget the most important scholarship application you'll ever need to fill out.

Too Many Students are Looking Too Far for Money

Sure, the big payouts of those national scholarships are hard to ignore. But thousands, in some cases ten of thousands of other students are feeling the same way and applying just like you.

If you're a competitive candidate and have great qualifications...then your chances are good. Otherwise, your time could be better spent finding local money that you have a better chance of winning.

That's why scholarships from you local community can be the best part of a winning strategy.

Why Local Scholarships are the Best!

    Local ScholarshipsThere are hundreds available in your community if you use the right search methods to find them.
    Grants and Scholarships for CollegeThere are typically fewer applicants for these types of college student scholarships.
    College ScholarshipsThis makes them less competitive than most and increases your chances of earning more awards if you’re prepared.

Your local high school guidance office would be the first place you want to go to begin looking for scholarships that are available in your local community.

Where can I find this local college money...Learn the best ways to find scholarships that are local to you.

More Great Facts About Local Scholarships

Local ScholarshipsWhile local scholarships for college can be very rewarding if you’re prepared they can also present some challenges.


They can be difficult to find because so many of them don’t advertise they’re availability even in local papers. Some of the local organizations that offer them don’t even have a website where you can find information or even download an application.

Many organizations that do have a website and offer a scholarship don’t necessarily make the information available on their website. So you can see how difficult it can be to find some of these local college money opportunities.

I can’t even begin to tell you the number of scholarships that I found through the methods I developed that people were surprised to here about.

I even talked to local people who managed these scholarships and they were surprised at how few people applied to their scholarships even though they made no efforts to let the local community know that they existed.


When you use our search methods and you do begin to find many of these, the good news is that there will be fewer applicants than the national scholarships you applied for that tend to be more competitive in nature.

This and the fact that you’ve read our website college scholarship guide carefully and followed each step will increase your chances of winning more of these local scholarships.

Discover how to find local grants and scholarships for college.

REMEMBER, that your high school guidance office is a great place to start your scholarship planning and search, but deal with many students and limited resources. It’ll take an extended effort from you and your parents to make your scholarship planning and search a success.

Keep us with you through the whole process and you’ll be ready to start winning awards for college student scholarships.

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