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List of College Scholarships

It would be so easy if finding a list of college scholarships was the only thing you needed to be successful at financing your college costs with mostly scholarships and grants.

The search for college scholarship information is actually the easy part. Sure, it’s a numbers game and finding a hundred or more scholarships to apply to seems like an impossible task, but it’s actually easier than you think.

The more important part is planning and preparing everything you need to put together a college scholarship package that’ll not only get you noticed but also get you the all important check in the mail to help pay the cost of college.

Having a list of college scholarships as long as your arm is great but if you’re not prepared to win those scholarships, how is that going to help you? It’s not…

This is where we come in and help! Not only will we show you how to find the best college scholarships and grants to apply for, but we’ll also show you what you need to know to prepare to be the candidate that wins the money. After all, that’s the end game.

One of the most important things I’ve learned in my research is that there are more than enough websites and search engines to help anyone make finding college scholarships easy. The other thing I learned is there is no information that really helps students and parents plan and prepare to be a successful scholarship candidate.

That’s about to change…

Parents and young students…If you’re serious about financing your child’s college costs by finding college scholarships and winning them, the most important thing you can do is book mark this site or keep up to date with all the new information as it gets added through our RSS Feed in the left column.


STEP #1College Scholarships

Search Engines are the place to start when it’s time for finding college scholarships and grants. If you were to enter “scholarships” as a Google search term you’re likely to get back over 94 million web pages. While this is probably too large a list to read through completely, it’s worth harvesting the first couple of pages for possible opportunities.

I wouldn’t go much further than that since the quality of the results will fade and many may not even apply to your situation.


Refining Your Search Terms for more applicable college scholarship information is your next step in the scholarship search. This step will take you closer to the goals you set for your college career, hobbies and personal characteristics.

Add these terms to the word scholarship such as “engineering scholarships” or “left handed scholarships” and you’ll begin to narrow your search and find scholarships and grants that are nearer to what you may be looking for. Try this will several words that describe and apply to your situation and the results will keep coming for more and more new scholarship opportunities. Examples…

  • Washington State University Scholarships
  • Debate Scholarships
  • Left Handed Scholarships
  • Volunteer Scholarships
REMEMBER…As you find scholarships that you want to apply for, add them to your favorites or bookmark them in a special folder labeled “scholarships”.

STEP #3College Scholarships

Search Even Deeper with “Special Words” that are associated with a scholarship search but are not typically used as a search term. This method will really help you broaden your search for an even larger list of college scholarships then you imagined.

For example, some powerful “special words” to use in a scholarship search would be trust, foundation or fellowship. Most people wouldn’t think of using these words for a scholarship search, but scholarships typically originate through a foundation, trust or fellowship.

This method would bring your search to a whole new level bringing you hundreds of new opportunities.

Here are more “special words” to use in your search…

  • Endowment
  • Financial Aid
  • Scholarship Applications
  • Student Aid
  • Scholarship Deadlines
  • Grants

Be sure to use both the plural and singular version of each of your search terms. They’ll give you different results. Also, remember to get creative with your words. You can even try switching the order of your search terms and this will produce even more different results and a list of college scholarships that's more tailored to you. For Example…

  • Scholarships and Grants
  • Grants and Scholarships
  • Financial Aid Deadline
  • Deadline Financial Aid


Set up automated tools for finding college scholarship information daily.

These search techniques will bring you more college scholarship information than you can sift through in a week. The good news is that it’ll help you find hundreds of scholarships that you can apply for.

Now it’s time to look for what I like to call “scholarship gems”. These are local scholarships right in your community. There are literally hundreds of them right around you and many of these of little known scholarships that may be difficult to find on the internet.

This means that they’re not as popular as the rest of your list of college scholarships which makes them less competitive and easier to win. I like to think the more local scholarships you find the more successful you’ll be at winning more scholarship money for college.

Learn more about local scholarships and how to find them.

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