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Is Social Media Hurting Your
Grants and Scholarships Application?

You have your long list of college grants and scholarships that you’ve invested countless hours searching for and collecting. Now it’s time to use the strategy you developed to apply for these scholarships and grants.

The thought of hopefully winning as much free money for college as possible raises your excitement level and then the thought hits you…They aren’t…They couldn’t…They wouldn’t…Would they?

Yes they would and they are! Scholarship committees and organizations who administer grants and scholarships are checking facebook, my space, twitter and other social media outlets for reasons not to award you scholarship money.

There is a great deal being shown and said on social media sites that lacks character and good judgment and could severely affect your chances of winning free scholarship and grant money.

Why They Search Social Media Sites!

The ability to review someone through social media sites can reveal…

    ~A little more about their character and good judgment.
    ~Discriminating remarks.
    ~Inconsistencies in a person’s application.
    ~Provocative and inappropriate photos.
    ~Who the person behind the application really is.
    ~A person’s attitude whether positive or negative.

There is so much incriminating stuff being posted by teenagers on social media sites that Google predicts in the future, teenagers will want to change their name to escape their younger past.

Don’t let this alarming trend affect your ability to get accepted to the college of your choice or from winning college grants and scholarships. When it comes time to apply for scholarships here are some tips to follow…

Don’t Let Social Media Affect Your Grants and Scholarships!

First step to avoiding and fixing social media mistakes is to…

    Grants and ScholarshipsGoogle your name and see what comes up. Fix any material you find that may be inappropriate that demonstrates your lack of good character and judgment.
    Apply for ScholarshipsVisit all your social media outlets and delete any of the same types of material you find posted there as well.
    Grants and ScholarshipsGood rule to follow…if it’s inappropriate, discriminatory, provocative, immature, incriminating and sexually explicit, don’t say it or upload it.

Apply for ScholarshipsImportant to remember…before you hit the enter button on any upload or written post, take an extra second to think about whether you want this to be permanently posted about you and how it will make you look to college admissions and grant and scholarship committees if they happen to review it.

If you feel like you need to change your name before you begin to apply for grants and scholarships, you probably have some work ahead of you to fix the damage created about your reputation.

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