Ways To Find Local Grants
and Scholarships For College

Local Grants and Scholarships for College are Great because...

  • Not as popular as the more recognized national scholarships.
  • Means fewer applicants and less competition.

  • They're more available than popular national scholarships.

  • Take a little work to find but rewards are greater and more frequent.

Now that you have the straight up facts on these college grants and scholarships, you know that making them a big part of your strategy is important.

As I outline the steps to take in finding these grants and scholarships for college, To win it's important to...cultivate and recultivate these steps on an ongoing and long term basis.

Start early and keep your efforts going to accumulate a long list of qualified and potential winners.

Then start building a good strategy to become a winner.

6 Ways to Finding Local Grants and Scholarships for College


grants and scholarships for college This will be the first stop on your journey. Local organizations that offer college scholarships and grants and will communicate this to the local community by letting the local schools know.

So your high school should have a collection that you can start with. Remember, that applying for scholarships and grants is a numbers game, so no matter how many you collect there, you need as many as you can find so this will only be the beginning.

This is usually something you can accomplish in a visit or two to the guidance office.

Remember to collect everything in a folder marked college scholarships and grants, because this will be an ongoing effort. We all know how things can get lost over time. This folder can also be called your “money folder” if that helps to motivate you.


Every time you come across an article about awards given out for scholarships and grants, cut it out and put it in your folder.

You’ll most often find these published in the local section of the community paper. Over time you’ll be surprised at how many you’ll collect.


Most if not all offer grants and scholarships for college to their members and you can often find information on their website. If not, you may need to ask for an application on your next visit.


These are the small newspapers that you often see on the stands at your local pizza shop, convenience store and the entry ways to many other department stores. They’re the free newspapers that offer the very local gossip and news and often times focus on a particular topic.

Many of these will publicize articles and even pictures of award recipients from the local community. So whenever you see these around, take one home to scan for any opportunities.

They’re usually weekly or monthly publications, so check them often so you don’t miss any local or national scholarships or grants.


All of your VFW’s, American Legion Post’s, Chamber of Commerce, Elk’s and similar clubs offer college scholarships and grants. These you’ll typically have to visit to get information and an application.


Try doing a Google, Yahoo or Bing search for other high schools within your state. Many of these will post a page within their online guidance department website. This will help you to broaden your reach outside your local community but still keep you in the state for which you qualify.

Every high school guidance program is different. I’ve found some schools to have outstanding online resources in the way of available local grants and scholarships for college. Then I’ve found some to have poor online sites that are severely outdated.

You never know what kind of free college money goldmine you can dig up by using your own search methods through the major search engines.

It’s important to remember that your search for free college money in the form of grants and scholarships is an ongoing work in progress that’s best started as early as possible.

I’ve found these five methods to be the most productive in some of my own research and over time you’ll be amazed at how many articles, clippings and other forms of information you’ll have collected in your opportunity folder.

You are saving everything in your free money opportunity folder, right?

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