Free Financial Aid Checklist

I created this free financial aid checklist as a way to help you find all the available alternatives to finding free money for college before having to rely on private college loans.

Depending on how great your need is for financial aid will depend on how many of these options you’ll want explore. Avoiding student loan debt should be your motivation to finding the best path for you to follow.

The best path to a college degree with little to no debt can be found by following this free financial aid checklist.

Why Is It Called the Free Financial Aid Checklist?

Because most of the options will help you find free school money, which will not require you to have to pay any of it back.


#1 Scholarships and Grants

This is the first on the list and the one option you can begin working on as early as your freshmen year in high school. With millions of scholarships and grants available which represents over $4 billion in free school money, there are scholarships and grants for every student.

Start early and use our successful search methods to find both local and national scholarships and grants and get to work filing applications that you qualify for and start earning some of that money. Learn more…

#2 Explore Affordable Options to a College Degree

There is always more than one way to achieve your goals. One of the best ways is to know what those different paths are and making the choices that best fit your life and your circumstances.

Don’t let your difficult situation dictate your success or failure. Instead, use your situation as motivation to find a different path to getting that degree. Remember, failure only comes when you give up, not while you’re still trying. Learn more…

#3 Creative Ideas for Raising Money for School

Have you ever had a great idea but were too afraid to act on it for fear of failure. Well, maybe it’s time to act. I’ve seen students come up with great ideas for creating their own scholarships and offering opportunities for people to donate to their scholarship fund.

Sometimes an idea is not as crazy as it sounds and it just takes a little action. Learn more…

#4 Filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Too many students each year fail to file the FAFSA during the college application process. This causes them to miss out on thousands of dollars of free government sponsored scholarships and grants, work study and federally guaranteed student loans.

This one application can unlock lots of free financial aid and it’s important that you file it for each year that you attend college. Know everything there is to know about the FAFSA and make sure you submit before the deadline. Learn more…

#5 Exercise Your Work Study & Federal Student Loans for College

If you were smart and you filed the FAFSA, it’s likely you may have been awarded among some free financial aid scholarships and grants, some work study funds and some subsidized or unsubsidized student loans for college.

Your work study provides funds to you that can be earned through an on-campus part-time job. All you have left to do is find a job on campus to earn your award. Most on-campus jobs are reserved first for work study recipients, but get out there early to get the job that you think you might prefer. It’s first-come first-serve.

After being awarded federal guaranteed student loans for college, you’ll need to fill out the promissory notes to get access to those loan funds.

#6 Other Free Financial Aid Opportunities

If you find yourself in the same situation as so many other students with a big tuition bill from that big name school and all the work you’ve done so far has left you still with a large expense gap to fill, then it’s time to visit the financial aid office.

The people there can help you find any other options for financial aid that may not have been available through the FAFSA.

It’s always a good idea to get to know these people; they can be a great deal of help to you.

#7 Private College Loans – The Last Resort

After you’ve exhausted all other free financial aid options and are left with no other alternatives to paying for the financial gap you still need to fill, then carefully consider a private college loan.

The Sallie Mae college loan is one among many that you may want to consider.Free Financial Aid

Enter into these private college loan agreements carefully and after you’ve done your due diligence to weight all your options. Depending too heavily on these types of loans can place a great risk and burden on your future.

Stay on track with our financial aid help checklist.
Don't miss filing this important application.

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