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Successfully Finding
College Scholarships Takes a Team Effort

Finding college scholarships takes a great deal of effort, especially if you want to find as many as possible, win many awards and keep your need for student loans down to bare minimum.

Your scholarship search is a year round sport that should take place throughout your high school career hopefully starting the preparation and search as early as freshmen year.

The effort required is great but the financial rewards that you have the potential to receive can be so great that it’s more than worth the effort. After all, we’re talking about thousands of dollars of free money that is not required to be repaid. It also means fewer student loans required.

I personally think that any effort required to reduce student loans and find college scholarships is an effort worth pursuing.

I don’t think any student should be strapped with enormous amounts of debt to get a college education, especially when you consider the quality of the education. Except unless the student has not allowed themselves any options and they understand the risks.

To achieve success in finding college scholarships and grants it truly takes an effort from both the student and their parents.

The potential increases dramatically when the parent gets involved and helps to encourage and support the student in every aspect possible. I’ll tell you why…

    College ScholarshipsWe’re talking about a great deal of money that will either come in the form of free scholarship money or student loans…the choice is yours!

    College ScholarshipsLet’s face it…teenagers will be teenagers and they need support and encouragement for their efforts not criticism.

    College ScholarshipsParents tend to see further down the road while teenagers only think deadlines are important when the deadline arrives.

My son/daughter is so difficult to talk to! They’re too stubborn to listen to anything that I have to say!

Without getting off topic, if you’re a parent reading this you understand the challenges that come with parenting teens. The point that I want to make is that if you want to find college scholarships and be successful, you’ll need to find a way to come to terms with your relationship with your child and work together to mutual and successful conclusion.

I’ve found in my experience with my own teenagers that if you take some time to yourself and reflect back to the days when you were a teenager yourself. Think about those things that you were experiencing, feeling and what you were going through during that important stage of development in your life.

This little exercise used to help me better understand what my own teenager was going through and that helped me to better relate to them and understand what I needed to do to listen, support and encourage them.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’re a parent who would like to help their student maximize their free college scholarship money and minimize the need for crippling student loans, here are a few ideas that can help.

    College ScholarshipsCollege Scholarship Plus Service Guide Bookmark this site and refer to it often to get the facts and all the helpful ideas to maximize your search efforts and those scholarship dollars.

    College ScholarshipsCollegeBoard – Register with Collegeboard to open an account and go to the parents section. There are some really great ideas and tips on finding college scholarships and on how you can get involved with your child. There’s great information you should know that will help when your child begins applying for scholarships and colleges.

    College ScholarshipsSearch Engines – This is another great place to start finding college scholarships and looking to answer some of your questions. Before you get too involved with the search engines, be sure to read through our guide to get the facts you need to know like scholarships scams and the most effective tips on planning and performing searches.

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