4 Planning Tips Before You
Find College Scholarships

To find college scholarships, it takes a plan. To win lots of free college scholarship money requires that you stick to your plan.

As the old saying goes,”If you fail to plan, plan to fail”. These important planning tips will help to get you on the right track.

Get organized and stay organized through out your search efforts.


Tip #1: Deadlines, Deadlines & Deadlines
Did I happen to mention deadlines! It’s unfortunate to say but I could fill hundreds of pages on stories of students who’ve missed college scholarship opportunities because of missed deadlines.College Scholarships

Deadlines never seem to be important until it’s too late. I have a friend who works in a high school guidance office and I always hear of the stories of disappointment about students who either miss deadlines or show up on deadline day with none of the requirements.

During your scholarship search and as you begin to qualify the scholarships and grants that you plan to apply for is the time when you want to add the deadlines to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Smartphone or any other type of calendar application that you may be using with no less than a two week reminder.

Planning for college scholarships takes organization and that means hitting all your deadlines early.

Tip #2: Build a “Brag Book”
Your scholarship search should start your freshmen year in high school and should be a year round effort. If you follow my scholarship search tips and secrets that will help you find college scholarships you’ll understand that you’ll be finding new scholarships all the time.

With all the information you’ll be gathering along with all the awards, certificates, letters of achievement and records of volunteer hours you’ll need to stay organized. You can do this by keeping an accordion style folder marked potential college scholarships.

This will hold everything you’re going to need to brag about yourself on all those college scholarship applications. You can also use this information when filling out your college applications.

By getting organized and staying organized, you’ll save yourself hours and possibly days of time trying to find and gather all this important information about yourself.

Tip #3: Qualify Your Scholarship Opportunities
As you begin you planning for college, you’re going to start qualifying all the scholarships that you’ve been accumulating over the past several years. This is where the next step in you research begins.

There’s a lot of scholarship money for college in the information you found, but you won’t be applying for everyone.
Now it’s time to research each individual one and separate them out in two separate piles. The scholarships that fit your qualifications and needs and the ones that don’t.

Pay attention to the details in the requirements for each scholarship. The goal here is to apply to as many as possible to win the most free scholarship money as possible. You don’t want to waste your time applying to scholarships and grants that don’t match your needs or direction.

Tip #4: Pay Attention To Details
It’s obviously important to find college scholarships but it’s much more important to pay attention to the details of each college scholarship and grant that you apply for.

If you really want to win scholarship money for college without watching all of your hard work get washed down the drain, read every detail and requirement for each one that you’re going to apply for.

These are the common mistakes that you need to avoid...

    College ScholarshipsMissing Deadlines (this one is worth repeating)
    College ScholarshipsNot Paying Attention to the Requirements
    Scholarships and GrantsPoorly Filled Out Application with Missing Information
    Find College ScholarshipsSpelling and Grammatical Errors
    Scholarships For College StudentsNot Following Directions

These simple common mistakes can be the difference between your application going to the next level or being omitted entirely. These are all within your control…never let them happen to you.

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