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Financial Aid Grants & Scholarships

Financial aid grants and scholarships can best be understood by knowing the two different categories of grants and scholarships that exist for you to find money for school.

First, the term “financial aid” is used very loosely but most often used to refer to federally funded financial aid. For purposes of this website, we’ll refer to financial aid as any federally funded, government backed grants, scholarships, student loans or work study.

Here are the two categories of grants and scholarships…

Government Backed Financial Aid Grants & Scholarships

These can all be accessed through the FAFSA application. This is the one application that unlocks all federally funded grants, scholarships, student loans and work study.

Your financial aid for school package is based on the information that you include on the FAFSA. All pell grants and scholarships that your college or university offers that are specific to that school and funded by the government will be included as consideration for your financial aid award based on your academics and needs.

Federal Grants for College available to you and how to apply.

The FAFSA will cover most all the grants and scholarships that the school offers. There may be a few more opportunities that the school offers that may require certain qualifications and a separate application to be filled out.

Do you know your FAFSA application deadline?

You can find out more about these opportunities by visiting your financial aid office.

These government backed financial aid grants and scholarships are not to be confused with the other independent grants and scholarships that are available to all college bound students which we’ll talk about next.

Independent Grants and Scholarships

This is the other category of grants and scholarships that are offered and awarded by independent organizations such as clubs, civic groups and corporations. They’re offered for both academic merit and financial need.

These are found by using some of our great search methods. Each one requires its own application and qualifications.

Some are easier to find then others and some are more competitive than others. These take a little more work to find but with a winning strategy you can go a long way in filling the gap that your financial aid doesn’t meet. This can help keep your need for student loans to a minimum.

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Learn how to apply for independent grants and scholarships.

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