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Important Scholarship & Financial
Aid Application Deadlines

There are a few financial aid scholarship application deadlines that you just can’t afford to miss. Depending on you or your family’s financial circumstances, missing these deadlines could literally cost you thousands of dollars in free financial aid money.


    1. Know your application deadlines.
    2. Keep your deadlines organized in a calendar with reminders.
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FAFSA Application Deadline

College Scholarship ApplicationProbably the most important deadline of all scholarship applications…Filing the FAFSA will be required in order to apply for any financial aid package for the colleges your looking to attend.

That’s not all…many independent scholarships outside of your college financial aid package will require you file the FAFSA, especially need scholarships. Organizations use this application to help determine your financial need status.

A couple of things to remember with the FAFSA financial aid application…

    college scholarships1. There is a deadline and you’ll want to pay close attention to when it is. It’s different for every state. Check with your financial aid office.
    Scholarships and Grants2. Many colleges and universities only require the FAFSA application to determine your financial aid package. There are some who require additional forms along with the FAFSA that can be found at the college’s financial aid section of their website along with instructions on how to submit the extra forms.
    Grants and Scholarships3. The FAFSA needs to be filed for each new calendar school year…along with any additional forms required by the school if applicable.

So you can see how important it is to stay on top of the filing of this very important scholarship and financial aid application. REMEMBER…this application will typically represent more financial aid money than any other application you fill out.

Important Note To Parents: The FAFSA financial aid application is the first and foremost application to be concerned with in unlocking thousands of dollars of college scholarship and grant money depending upon your financial circumstances.

Depending upon need, merit or academic standing of your child, the FAFSA application could potentially unlock tens of thousands of dollars in free financial aid. It could be the most important scholarship application they fill out.

If they choose, your child will undoubtedly have hundreds of potential scholarships to apply to that they’ll qualify for in addition to the FAFSA.

My best advice for parents...having gone through this myself with my kids is to get directly involved in their scholarship search and application process. I’m not going to tell you that it’s going to be a smooth and uneventful process, but it can be rewarding and much more successful if your child has your support and help in keeping them motivated.

The high school senior year is filled with excitement and ideas and thoughts of the coming college career. Searching for and applying to scholarships is not exactly at the top of their priority list, even if there’s a large financial gap that has to be met. But with the motivating support of a parent it can be made successful.

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