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Avoid These Collegebound
Student Pitfalls

The excitement that surrounds every collegebound high school senior can be overwhelming. The thought of new places, endless opportunities, freedom and the potential to bring new ideas into the world can be exhilarating.

But with every new adventure we face there are always pitfalls along the way. We will help you understand what these pitfalls are and how they can be avoided especially when it comes to searching for college scholarships and grants.

There will always be scholarship scams such as unclaimed scholarships, but if you know the facts than you’ll be better prepared to avoid them.


To marketing companies, young college students represent a fresh new batch of young adults they would like to get information about in order to sell that info to companies that have something to sell.

Knowing how to avoid these pitfalls now will help you in the future when it comes to protecting your personal information. This is especially true when you start your college scholarship searches.

You’ll find lots of claims from different sites for having the best scholarship search engine or for being able to provide the most scholarships.

BEWARE of sites that ask you for more personal information than they really need to provide you with college scholarship and grant opportunities. Never provide credit card or social security numbers.

There are scholarship scams whose only purpose is to try and collect as much personal information about you as they can. This info is very valuable to companies who collect this type of personal information especially on young adults which very little is known.

I’ve experienced many of these sites myself with little to no results only to end up going in circles and finishing up with no more than I started with.

As a college student, your time will be better spent on writing papers, research projects and last minute exams rather than trying to fix something that happened because you gave out too much info about yourself.

To avoid these pitfalls, ask yourself this question when filling out online forms for college scholarship searches…

Is this information they’re asking for something they really need to provide me with scholarship opportunities? If it seems like they’re getting too personal and asking for too much, go with your gut feeling and don’t give it.

Avoiding a potential scholarship scam can save you lots of headaches down the road, because your information could also be sold illegally to the wrong people.


Identity theft is a major problem in today’s world and the problem is growing rapidly. That’s why it’s absolutely important that you take every step necessary to protect your personal information from illegal activity.

Collegebound students represent a great opportunity for thieves who are looking for personal identities to steal…Don’t help them out!

Use caution and due diligence when conducting online college scholarship searches and you’ll help yourself tremendously in avoiding scholarship scams. This in turn will help to prevent you from having to spend years recovering from a breach in your identity.

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