Winning College
Scholarships and Grants

Understanding All Your Options

If you want to win many college scholarships and grants, you have to have a strategy. You can’t go after them willy-nilly.

In order to have a strategy, you need to know where your opportunities for winning scholarships and grants exist and how to apply for them. Once you have these facts, then you’re able to focus on the winning part.

The winning part is about making you a winning candidate for the scholarships that you apply for…but first the facts.

3 Important Places to Find Scholarships and Grants

These are the 3 areas where you’ll find and apply for college scholarships and grants.

This is Very Important…These are three very different sources of free college money that you’re going to want to focus your attention on. You find each one differently and apply for each one differently. Knowing this is important to your strategy so you don’t miss any chances at any of these awards.college_scholarships_and_grants

This is where I find the most confusion among parents that I speak with and help. There is so much unclear information out there leaving so many confused, that it causes parents and students to leave money on the table simply because they miss opportunities just from a simple lack of understanding.

#1 Government Scholarships and Grants

These awards are funded and granted by the government and are awarded as part of the students financial award package. For some students, these are likely to be the larger part of the money you’ll win from college scholarships and grants than any other opportunity.

Learn more about government scholarships.

There are many different awards that can be won and they are given primarily based on financial need and on a first come first serve basis. These funds are paid in your name directly to the college of your choice. How to apply.

The best thing about college scholarships and grants is that you never have to repay the money that you’re awarded.

#2 Scholarships and Grants from Colleges

college grants and scholarshipsThese free college money awards are funded and granted by the college that you’ll choose to attend. They’re awarded based on both financial need and academic merit. They’re only good if you choose to attend the college that offers you the award.

These awarded funds are paid directly into your college account to help pay your college tuition. How to apply.

#3 Private Scholarships and Grants

These are all the other scholarships and grants that are offered by private organizations, clubs, foundations and companies. They’re found both nationally and within your local community.

If you choose to follow our winning strategies and ideas, these scholarships and grants can prove to help you make a big dent in your college tuition and expenses and beat the rising cost of a college education.

These funds are either paid directly to the student in the form of a check or sent in your name directly to the college of your choice to be applied to your account. It all depends on the rules of the organization granting the award. How to apply.

How to Apply for These Scholarships and Grants

Remember that each of these opportunities is very different and how to apply for each one is different as well. It’s important to know this so that you don’t miss any of these chances at helping to fund your college education with little or no debt.

#1 Applying for Government Scholarships and Grants

For these, you’ll be applying using a very well-known application called FAFSA…Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This will and should be your first and most important application that you fill out.

This application needs to be resubmitted for each and every new school year.

#2 Applying for Scholarships and Grants from Colleges

To apply to these you’ll need to file the CollegeBoard CSS Profile. It’s very similar to the FAFSA application but is intended for only non-government college scholarships and grants.

Check first to see if your college or university participates in the CSS Profile process for applying to the scholarships and grants that they offer their students. You can do this by visiting the financial aid section of the website for the college or university that you plan to attend. Or you can visit the CSS Profile website.

#3 Applying for Private Scholarships and Grants

These applications you’ll find typically on the website of the organizations offering the college money awards. Sometimes the best ones are the ones very few people know and the applications are hard to find.

Unlike the other applications that cover you for many opportunities…These will cover you for only one. So each scholarship will have its application. These will be a little more work, but well worth it when the winning checks come in.

These are the college scholarships and grants we help you focus on building a winning strategy. Follow our tips and ideas and you’ll be on a pathway to winning.

Time To Start Your Search

Your search for college scholarships and grants should start well before you begin applying for your college financial aid package.

Applying for student loans will be kept for last once you’ve determined what you’ll need for school money, if any, from student loans to make up the difference.

As you carefully read through this college scholarship service guide, you'college-scholarship-opportunities.html">college scholarship opportunities that exist...yes that's right millions...and we'll help you find them.

If you'scholarship-america.html">feeling may want to apply for a few scholarship contests...but beware and know the facts.

Beware! Understanding your options when searching for scholarships for high school juniors or seniors as a collegebound student also means knowing how to spot scholarship scams as well as misleading claims of unclaimed scholarships.

Ready to start scholarship planning and building a wining strategy?

Check for grants that you may be eligible for.
Win your share of government free money.

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