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Finding College Scholarship Money

Let’s face it…Finding college scholarship money is not on the minds of new incoming high school freshmen.

But there are some really important things to be aware of early in high school that’ll help you when your junior year comes rolling around and you begin applying for all that free college money.

It’s important to begin building early relationships with your teachers and the staff in the guidance counselor’s office.

Why these relationships are important…

    [[You’ll need guidance, support and help with writing your college scholarship essay which you’ll also need for college applications as well.
    [[You’ll need the support of your teachers when they communicate to the guidance office the students who qualify for early college awards for juniors.
    [[You’ll need teachers to write excellent letters of recommendation for both college applications and winning free school money.


During your high school junior year it’s possible to be recommended for some early college scholarship money. These recommenders will be your teachers. This support becomes important as you begin to try and figure out how to pay for college

Many colleges will be contacting your guidance office for students who meet certain requirements to qualify for early scholarship money. Your guidance office will be communicating with your teachers as hopefully your strong recommenders. Your teachers are the ones who can best speak of your academic abilities and potential.


Your guidance office is not the only place to look for guidance. Your teachers can serve as your personal mentor. They can provide relevant advice on topics such as college or career.

Teachers can provide another possible partner to bring challenges to that you face whether it’s in the classroom or your efforts to write your college scholarship essay.


When it’s time to start applying for college scholarship money, letters of recommendation are going to be an important part of that process. You want letters of recommendation that will strongly support your efforts, abilities and potential.

This is where the support from your teacher allies come in…You’ll find yourself in a good position if you spent time during high school building teacher relationships.


college scholarship moneyYour counselor will be there to advise you through high school and the college scholarship and admissions process.

They will do a great deal of behind the scenes work to coordinate much of the paperwork that’s involved in applying for free school money.

Remember, many guidance offices are overwhelmed with students and it’s important to take responsibility for all your own requirements and deadlines.

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