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How To Find Great
College Scholarship Information Year Round

Collecting college scholarship information should be a year round effort. If you really want to experience the satisfaction of winning enough scholarship money to help you through college you need to find and win as many as possible.

With millions of scholarships and grants available to all, finding them is easy if you’re willing to put in the time and effort. The important part is winning the ones you qualify for and this is where we can help…if you follow our strategies.

College Scholarship InformationYou have to follow the numbers if you want to build a winning strategy. Part of the effort of following the numbers is starting early in high school looking for scholarships and grants everyday if possible.

The earlier you start, the more college scholarship information you will have found and are able to apply to when it’s time.

There’ll be times when you want to motivate yourself to dedicating blocks of time to doing research and finding some of this free money using some great search methods.

Unfortunately, because of time you can’t do this everyday. But, there is a way that you can automate a part of your search so that you have new scholarships and grants coming to you daily.

There is this small company you may have heard of called “Google”. Well, they have some really great tools that’ll help you with your search. Depending on the tools that you use, will depend on how your college scholarship information will be delivered to you.

3 Helpful Methods for Finding College Scholarship Information

Extra! Extra! Headline News!

Imagine getting all of your news articles related to your scholarship search terms that you choose in one easy to read place. Imagine it collects it all for you every single day as long as there is news that’s relevant to your search term.

It can easily be done with Google Reader. Reader will clip all the articles that you’re interested in reading and put them in one place for free. Not bad for electronic automation…

Here’s a great tutorial on how to set up Google Reader and start collecting college scholarship information today and everyday...

College Scholarships Plus Savings and Financial Aid Updates

Now you can easily keep up to date with any new…

    ~College scholarship strategy updates.
    ~Financial aid planning tips.
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    ~And the latest college news.
…Just by subscribing to our RSS feeds. You can easily do this by clicking on the orange RSS button on the left-hand side of any web page on our site.

Then all updates will be automatically delivered to you in one easy to read place as they happen.

Set Up Email Alerts

Another great way to have college scholarship information sent to you via email is with Google Alerts.

Google will scour the world for your search term and deliver to your email for free anything that’s relevant to what you’re looking for.

You can set up alerts for many different search terms and you’ll get an email for each one. Google alerts are easy to set up.

One last thing…

If you find that the search terms you’re using are too broad with reader and alerts and you have too much irrelevant information being delivered to you. You can refine your search terms and experiment until you get the relevant results you want.

Now you can go off and do other things you enjoy doing while Google collects all this information for you on a daily basis. Happy searching…

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