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8 Simple Strategies for Writing
College Scholarship Essays

These basic strategies for college scholarship essays will get you noticed and put your scholarship application at the top of the heap.

If you’ve read my college scholarship essay tips, then you’re ready to put your ideas and story down with these must follow strategies.

The person who’s assigned (In some cases it’s many people due to the volume of applications) to read the college scholarship applications has more than just a few to read, so it’s extremely important you follow these strategies closely.

After all, you want the person reading your application to put yours in the nice pile and not the naughty pile. If you’re going to go through all that work you might as well be putting out your best work. We’ll help you do just that.


College ScholarshipsSummer Is The Best Time For Writing. School work has you bogged down with homework, exams and deadlines for writing papers not to mention extracurricular activities. You’re absolutely right; it’s hard to focus on writing some winning college scholarship essays if you can’t focus. That’s why summer is the best time for writing.

You’ll have extra time on your hands to allow your thoughts to flow more freely. I always encouraged my kids to work on their essays during the summer months and it allowed them the necessary time to follow these strategies and put together their best work.

Start With A Rough Draft. Once you’ve taken the time to collect your thoughts and ideas, it’s time to put it on paper. Don’t worry too much about how it sounds in the beginning...Just start writing. There’ll be time to correct and make changes later when you fine tune it.

Need college scholarship essay tips to get the ideas flowing?

Give It Time To Simmer. Just like a good soup needs time to cook before it all comes together, the same applies to essays. This is why the rough draft is an important step. Bring all your ideas together on paper, and then walk away for a couple of hours or even a couple of days. When you come back, ask yourself if it still makes sense and add any additional ideas that have come up since.

It’s kind of like sampling the soup and adding some ingredients here and there to make the final touches.

Get Honest Feedback. Ask someone you trust and that’ll be honest with their thoughts about the story you’re trying to convey in your essay. Honesty is important because you want to know if it’s worthy of winning, so someone who’s only looking to help make you feel better won’t help you put together winning college scholarship essays.

Proofread Your Essay Several Times. Edit your essay for word usage, spelling and other grammatical errors. If you proofread your essay twice you’re almost guaranteed to find errors both times. So errors can be easily missed the first time, this is why proofing it at least twice can make a difference.

Using word editing software is a good idea but it won’t catch every error that you put down, so be sure to proofread. Sloppiness and errors can tell a lot about a person.

Don’t Use Too Many Words. Eliminate unnecessary words that can make your essay longer than it needs to be. Don’t use 35 words in a sentence when 10 words will do. Keep it concise and to the point and eliminate repeated ideas.

Make It A Story Not A Resume. Make your essay about you and your positive strengths and tell about yourself in a great adventurous story. Try not to repeat anything that has already been including about you in the application questionnaire.

Save Several Essay Versions. Save several different versions of your college scholarship essays. You won’t be required to write a new essay topic for each new college scholarship that you apply for. Each college scholarship essay may vary slightly from the other and in many cases; you’ll be able to use the same scholarship essay for many different applications.

Remember, the person assigned the job of reading scholarship essays, may have 10, 20, 50 or even a hundred to read. You don’t want to give him an reasons to put your essay in the naughty pile.

Make it a story that they can’t put down!

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