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Save Thousands By Renting
Cheap College Textbooks

I’ve found renting cheap college textbooks to be the best way to getting books for class and here’s why…

    -It can save you hundreds of dollars per semester.
    -It can save you lots of time.
    -The process can be very simple and convenient.

I don’t think that any college student should have to work part time and eat ramen noodles all year just to pay off their college textbooks.

Seeing and paying for college textbooks can be a jaw-dropping experience, especially when I saw the price of the books my kids had to pay. I knew there had to be a better way.


Like my quest for finding ways to pay for college with a good scholarship strategy, I knew there had to be a better and more affordable way to buying college books.

After all my research and exploring every alternative that I could find, there was no doubt that renting cheap college textbooks was the way to go.

Renting takes away the worry of getting stuck with new or used purchased books or books that get revised and become outdated. Never having to go through all the trouble of having to try and sell any new or used books that you purchased. This can be a real headache and a time crunch for any college student.

By renting used college books, my kids were able to save hundreds of dollars per semester. With the passing of the Higher Education Opportunity Act and the availability of textbook ISBN numbers, the process of renting books can take only minutes right from your computer.


In my experience, I’ve had the chance to try many different companies to rent books from and every experience was different.

I obviously wanted to save a lot of money by renting cheap college textbooks but time was an important factor for my kids as well. I wanted the process to be simple, quick and problem free.

I wanted to make sure that the process to return used college books at the end of the semester was as easy as ordering them at the beginning of the semester. I figured the less my kids had to worry about anything outside of school work the better off they would be.

Having tried several book rental companies, for us the only one that came through with flying colors was Chegg. I really can‘t say enough about our experience with them and now they are the only ones we’d use.

Whenever anyone asks me about college books, I always recommend Chegg without hesitation.

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