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Finding cheap college books just got a little easier…

As if the horror of seeing that first years tuition, room and board bill come due, then you start school and the wind in your sails disappears when you see the cost of your school books.

Especially when you look at those books for elective classes that’ll you’ll never again need and ask why the book is so expensive.

Let’s face it, the average college student is on a tight budget and their budgets just don’t allow room for new college textbooks. What student wants to work an entire semester just to pay for their textbooks? I don’t know of any…

Well, it’s time to end the absurdity and start looking at the alternatives…


There are many options available to buying used college textbooks. There are thousands out there available to purchase through outlets like and But you’re still left with task of trying to get some of your money back when you’re finished with the book.

This means you’ll have to sell it to someone else. This takes time and effort to put it up for sale and then wait to see if someone else wants your book among the other hundreds that are available just like it.

Cheap College BooksThen there is no guarantee that you’re going to sell your book this semester or even next. So your cheap college books could end up somewhere in your room collecting dust, getting old and becoming outdated.

Because books are constantly being revised and outdated, it can become easy to get stuck with a book that nobody wants because a newer version was released.

There’s an even better way…


I’ve found that renting used college books is the best way to get books that you need for college.

It fits into any college student budget, it takes up very little of your time and if you choose the right book company, it can be very convenient and user friendly.

With the passing of the Higher Education Opportunity Act, college and universities are now required to list all textbook ISBN numbers with course listings so students can get advanced notice on the books required for their classes. With this number, you can anywhere for the exact book you need for class. This now makes finding and renting cheap college books so much easier.

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MORE COLLEGE SAVING OPTIONS: It’s a growing practice and a good recommendation to wait until your first week of classes to purchase or rent your cheap college books.

    Cheap College BooksYou want to be sure you have the correct version of the book that professor will require you to have. This will help you avoid having to return a book only to purchase the correct one.
    Cheap TextbooksSome professors don’t use the book that often and you may be able to get away with sharing a book with a friend or possibly borrowing it from the library.
    Used College TextbooksSome professors will not use the recommended book at all for their class and often times may just require you to use the study guide for the class. This could help you save money as well by not having to purchase the book at all or buying the less expensive study guide.

Either way, it’s always a good idea to wait for that first week of class to get a better idea of what’s required for textbooks.

Renting cheap college books and having a good scholarship strategy is always a great option in helping to finance a college education.

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