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Facts and Benefits

Early SAT & ACT test preparation can make a big difference in the test scores you get later in high school when the scores really matter for college admission and more scholarships and grants.

Typically, high schools offer the PSAT’s during a student’s sophomore year or early during their junior year. The PSAT is the SAT practice test to help the student prepare for the SAT exam. Then they take the SAT or ACT exam.


Unfortunately, this type of SAT & ACT test preparation doesn’t work very well for many students and it doesn’t give them the opportunity to prepare in a way that can maximize their scores. Low SAT or ACT scores can affect your potential to be admitted into the college of your choice and it can affect your chances of earning some free college cash.


act test preparationFirst, let’s clear up the differences between the SAT and the ACT tests. The SAT is the most popular standardized college entrance exam and accepted by all colleges and universities that request standardized test scores as part of the application process.

In a nutshell, they’re two different tests that essentially test for the same things but are managed by two separate organizations.

Your high school may direct you in one direction over another but ultimately you can stick with the SAT and you should never hit any road blocks except for attempting to get a better score.

This is really all you need to be concerned with in regards to either test.

Secret to Better SAT & ACT Test Scores

If you’re concerned about your SAT & ACT test preparation and scores and maybe you’re just not a good test taker, then starting your test preparation efforts early can help you to get the scores you need to get into the college of your choice.

    Start Preparation Early – Starting to prepare for the SAT’s or ACT’s during your freshmen year would be a good idea. Meet with your high school guidance office and begin to take advantage of all the programs they offer to prepare. Take the PSAT’s a couple of times if possible before you take the exam to help get comfortable with the exam. Programs offered through your high school typically have no fees to participate in.
    Visit Collegeboard – Take advantage of the many free programs that Collegeboard offers to help you prepare and improve your scores for the exam. Many programs are free and others are fee based.
    Outside Test Preparation Programs – Take advantage of programs outside of school to help you increase your scores. For example, Kaplan University offers programs for high school students who are looking for help in raising their scores. These programs are usually fee based so it’s important to weight the cost of any program you examine.


ACT Test PreparationSAT & ACT test preparation is something you want to take seriously if it matters where you want to go to college.

Especially selective universities and colleges, they tend to weight SAT & ACT test results more heavily.

There are not many college scholarships that ask for your SAT or ACT scores, but you want to be prepared for the ones that do require scores.

The National Merit Scholarship program is based on PSAT test scores. There is no need to apply because your automatically enrolled to compete based on the your PSAT scores and if they meet the requirements of the program.

This program has many winners and awards millions each year in free college money.

Reasons Good SAT Test Results are Important

    [ #1 Gets colleges and universities to notice you early.
    [ #2 It makes you eligible for more scholarships.
    [ #3 Puts you ahead of the college crowds.
    [ #4 Helps to increase your college admission acceptance rate.
    [ #5 Opens up other academic opportunities for serious students.

SAT & ACT Test Preparation for Serious Students.

If you’re a serious student or the parents of serious students, especially middle school students or early high school, the information that I’m about to present can unlock many doors of opportunity in regards to academic programs and additional opportunities for more free college money.

There are many parents out there that have serious students and are in middle school and they would like to see them challenged more and the student would also like the challenge but don’t know what to do.

The SAT can be the key to unlocking all kinds of opportunities.

    1) Identify that your child is serious about their school work based on their grades, class rank and the seriousness they show in doing their school work.

    2) Visit Collegeboard and look to sign up your child for an SAT exam that is being held locally. Collegeboard and ACT offer several free programs for SAT & ACT test preparation.

    3) Look into programs like Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth that offer testing programs that’ll help to open the door for them to academically challenging programs.


If you think that your child is one that may benefit from the opportunities that come from taking the SAT’s in middle school but you’d like to confirm your thoughts, it may be worth a conversation with their teacher.

They’re typically the ones that will identify students in their class that have the potential to be challenged at a higher level and could benefit from programs like those offered by Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.


You may be thinking that you’d have to be crazy to sign up your middle school aged child to take the SAT’s along side high school juniors and seniors. It’s not, especially if it unlocks a whole new world of opportunities for your child.

For example, the Centers for Talented Youth obviously takes into account the age of the student in relation to the test scores.

Centers for Talented Youth (CTY) Opportunities

Visit Johns Hopkins CTY and learn what you can about the SAT & ACT test taking opportunities they offer middle school aged students and the programs that it can open up to the student.

Once you’re registered with them, they’ll be set up to receive your child’s test scores once the tests are graded and sent out. From here you can just follow the program they lay out for your child and you can take advantage of what they offer.

This program only gets the ball rolling for what can be a high school career filled with opportunities to excel academically which will only help to set up your child for future success when it comes to college choices and winning free college cash.

The bottom line is...early SAT & ACT preparation will lead to better test scores and open up a whole new world of possibilities and opportunities.

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